Sardine & Co. for the seas!

Welcome to Sardine & Co.! We create original art, accessories and home decor that celebrates life by the water. Whether you currently lead a coastal lifestyle or dream of someday doing so, we hope to inspire a connection with nature while promoting the protection and stewardship of our oceans, seas, lakes and other waterways.

We believe in a thoughtful, slow lifestyle, where we take time to be in nature and appreciate what we have around us. As creatives who put "stuff" into the world, we want to minimize our impact on the earth and be conscious of what we are adding to it. To this end we choose to create our product in very small runs, or to make each piece to order.

This can mean a longer turnaround time from when you place your order to when you receive it so that we can print, or print and sew, your piece. We use a combination of hand-made and outsourced manufacturing. Some pieces are one-of-a-kind and made by us, and others are designed by us but printed and sewn by a small team whose values align with ours. Some of the printing techniques we’ve chosen for environmental reasons can take longer than they might if we used more water-heavy printing methods, but we think it’s worth it. In the era of same-day deliveries and cheaply manufactured fast fashion and products, we hope you’ll be patient with us, knowing you can feel better about your purchase. 

We've chosen Etsy as our shop platform because of their support of makers and small businesses and their efforts towards sustainability and carbon neutral shipping. We also use entirely compostable or recycled/recyclable shipping and marketing materials so you know that each part of your order has been considered.

5% of the proceeds from our sales will be donated to ocean and water conservation organizations (Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider, Take 3, and others) on a quarterly basis.

Thanks for your support!

Skye & Tom, the Sardine & Co. crew

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