Seagulls Coastal Tea Towel | Organic Cotton-Hemp


Nothing instantly transports me to the sea like hearing the call of gulls. This fun kitchen towel features illustrated seagulls flying above ocean waves. A light blue-green background brightens your kitchen while the bottom border print looks great hung over the oven door or sink rack. A perfect gift for any ocean-lover or for your breezy kitchen vibes. Made from a natural but durable blend of organic cotton and hemp, this towel was made to look good while being put to work. This artwork is from the collection Short Sands by Skye McNeill. Pair with the Tide Pools or Surf Vans towels for a fun kitchen collection. Tea towels are an excellent host or holiday gift that highlight interests while being both decorative and utilitarian. They are also a great piece of home decor that can be swapped out seasonally or by mood and can serve many purposes in the house (or boat!).

Measures 17” wide and 26” long. Featuring a clean hem, single sided printing on white fabric and interior corner twill tape for hanging. Available as a single towel or set of 2 with the same print. Check other listings for mix and match sets.

Organic cotton hemp blend (76% cotton, 24% hemp) manufactured at an OEKO-TEX certified company. Custom printed with permanent reactive inks, these towels are durable enough to hold up against the most rough and tough jobs, yet beautiful enough to drape over your oven door with pride.

For first washing, rinse separately from other laundry with cold water. Following the rinse, run a normal cycle with cold water and detergent. Machine dry on high. Wash normally in cold water for subsequent washings. Can be dry cleaned. Do not bleach.

• Eco-friendly.

• Organic cotton-hemp blend fabric, OEKO-TEX certified.

• Washer and dryer safe.

• Loop for hanging.

• Made to order.

• Designed in the US, printed and sewn in Canada.

• Designs from original artwork by Skye McNeill, all rights reserved.

If it isn’t clear from our shop theme, we love the ocean and waterways of the world! We believe in a thoughtful, slow lifestyle, where we take time to be in nature and appreciate what we have around us. We want to minimize our impact on the earth and be conscious of what we are adding to it. To this end we choose to create our product in very small runs, or to make each piece to order. This can mean a longer turnaround time from when you place your order to when you receive it so that we can print, or print and sew, your piece. We use a combination of hand-made and outsourced manufacturing. Some pieces are one-of-a-kind and made by us, and others are designed by us but printed and sewn by a small team whose values align with ours. Some of the printing techniques we’ve chosen for environmental reasons can take longer than they might if we used more water-heavy printing methods, but we think it’s worth it. In the era of same-day deliveries and cheaply manufactured fast fashion and products, we hope you’ll be patient with us, knowing you can feel better about your purchase. Thanks for your support!

5% of the proceeds from this item will be donated to ocean and water conservation organizations (Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider, Take 3, and others).

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I love both designs on the towels and purchased both - one as gifts and one for myself. I am loving the fabric and appreciate the washing instructions for the dyes as well as the sustainability of these products.

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